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High Quality MONCO Standard High Pressure Laminate Sheet in China

Short Description:

1. Melamine impregnated overlay

2. Decorative paper

3. Phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper

Colorful / More thicknesses /Wear resistance/Scratch resistance /Post-forming

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HPL is high pressure laminate sheet, which is used widely in surface decorative. It is made of impregnated decorative paper and kraft paper and can widely used in furniture, cabinet, hotel and hospital.

It has various color series and surface finishes, can be made from 0.5-25mm, and has good physical features, such as resistance of fire, water, scratch, wear, etc.

MONCO standard HPL has plain colors, wooden grain, stone and art designs.

Up to 100 different colors, with the most complete color scheme and the widest spread of brightness and chromaticity, just like a professional interior designer's color palette, it can create thousands of combinations with unlimited creativity and diverse creative inspiration. Not only is the color palette easy to save, but it also provides a complete and bright color scheme selection.

Wood grain decorative materials have always been the most favored design element for interior designers in the Asian market. Under the trend of organic design and Lehuo, wood grain has become a key element that global designers strive to emphasize, becoming the mainstream of interior design, and is also an inevitable element in furniture, kitchenware, walls, door panels, and decorations. The MONCO wood grain series fire-resistant panels are constantly innovating, and the surface texture and patterns are constantly evolving, full of novelty and fashion trends, making them the most beautiful scenery in indoor architectural design.

The MONCO stone grain series faithfully reproduces the rare stones in the world, from their inherent texture and touch to their external luster and texture, on decorative refractory boards. Not only can it be used for space decoration applications where ordinary stone cannot be bent, but it can also present a luxurious design feature of no burden on large objects.

We can create unique panels according to personal needs, achieving exclusive and personalized design. Bringing unprecedented creative freedom to designers, achieving exclusive personalized design, whether it is showcasing originality, conveying corporate image and brand image, allowing designers to freely indulge.

Production Overview

HPL is a durable high pressure decorative material which is wear-resistant,scratch-resistant,shock-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy cleaning, etc. lt is widely used in indoor decoration,such as furniture, cabinet, door, partition, tabletop, decorative ceiling, wall and pillar, steamship,train and hospital, etc.

Production Feature

Colorful, variety style for choice, plain, wood grain, stone, abstract and aluminium, etc.

lt can match series of surface finishes to present amazing vision and feeling.

Wear-resisting and durable.

Thin sheet can be post-forming, can realize the corner design and reach perfect edge effect.

Can realize special customization.

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