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Indoor Water Resistant Pure Phenolic MONCO Compact board

Short Description:

compact, that is, thickened double faced high-pressure fire-resistant decorative board, can be directly used as a structural material without adhering to the substrate. It has excellent mechanical properties, making it suitable for load-bearing countertops. Widely used on indoor walls, bathroom partitions, changing room partitions, spatial area partitions, lockers, and various countertops, providing a single or double sided unified decorative effect.

Product Detail

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MONCO compact board are widely used in general indoor public spaces as decorative building materials for countertops, door panels, or bathroom compartments. It is made of decorative colored paper impregnated with melamine resin, combined with multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin. After lamination, it is then pressed with steel board under high temperature and high pressure. The thickness of the kraft paper can be adjusted as needed, and can be made from 2.0mm to 25mm.

By relying on the surface color paper layer, it can meet various decor choices, single or double sided decoration needs, therefore it is a decorative material, and due to its thickness being higher than traditional board. The refractory board is thicker and has strong, impact resistant, and moisture resistant properties. It can be directly used for drilling, tapping, sanding, guiding, cutting, and other work with standard carbon steel alloy tools, and can also be carved with CNC machines.

Introduction of MONCO Postforming HPL

compact board

Product application: widely used in indoor wall, toilet partition, dressing room partition, space area separation, restaurants, bank reception hall, toilet, living room background wall, locker and a variety of mesa, to provide single or double-sided unified decorative effect. 

Product features

1、Product features:

Rich in color, strong decorative, plain color, wood grain, stone grain, abstract, metal, and other decorative effects are optional.

2、Can be paired with a variety of surface textures to provide excellent visual realism and tactile sensation.

3、Tight and stable structure, high strength, and good toughness.

4、The surface is wear-resistant and durable.

5、High anti-collision performance.

6、Strong compression resistance, high hardness, and good load-bearing performance.

7、Personalized graphics can be customized

8、Flame retardant  

Surface using melamine resin impregnated paper, with fire resistance, high temperature, high flame retardant properties. 


It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional Board, such as water absorption and mildew, expansion and deformation. It is waterproof, mildew proof and moisture resistant.


Warping index is far lower than the national standard, smooth and neat lines.  


Scientific and rigorous production technology, solid structure, not easy to deformation. 


Using thousands of color paper for more than 200 kinds of surface treatment, there are plain color, stone grain, wood grain, metal grain four series.  


Surface resistance to pollution, no odor, no penetration, easy to clean, is a revolution in the field of decorative materials.  


Hard texture, impact resistance, high wear resistance. 

15、Environmental protection  

Using melamine resin impregnated decorative paper and phenolic resin impregnated base paper under high pressure, the formaldehyde release can reach E0 grade standard.  

16、easy to process  

Using professional production tools, processing is easy, convenient and fast.  

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