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MONCO POSTFORMING HPL( all series can be post-forming except aluminium hpl)

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Made of flexible resin and international advanced technology. Widely used in office furniture, cabinets, school desks, locomotive interiors, home decoration, and other industries. MONCO postforming board is not only sold domestically but also exported abroad, with the largest production and sales quantity in China.

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Monco postforming HPL is manufactured with bendable resin by adopting international advanced techniques.It is widely used in office furniture,cabinet,school desk,interior decoration of locomotive and family decoration.Monco’s postforming HPL enjoys the largest production and sales volume in China with the sales covering not only nationwide but also abroad.

The appearance of Post-forming HPL and normal flat HPL is the same. However, normal HPL can not be bent and the post-forming HPL can be bent, shaped and post formed into a circular are under suitable heating.

Bending or post forming function of post-form HPL is time sensitive theoretically,meaning the original performance and flexibility will be different after storage a period of time. While, it is not absolute and the most important point is the storage location. For example, the flexibility or bending may be lower down, if goods are placed in too high temperature. Manual Processing when use post-form HPL It is theoretical that post forming the HPL sheets are okay with manual if under enough pressure and heat. While, it is questioned about the quality levels of the finished goods by manual processing. Therefore, whatever the quality of the post form press machines, how advanced, the heat and pressure are the two of the most necessary conditions.


postforming laminate

Postforming HPL have various excellent properties. Its most prominent feature is the ability to bend into different arcs for furniture. It can maintain stability in high temperature environments, and at the same time, the postforming HPL also has high strength and can withstand large loads.

Postforming HPL have a rich variety of designs and surface finish. The board can be cut and customized on any surface according to customer requirements, suitable for various architectural design and decoration environments.

The main characteristic of Postforming HPL is their flexibility, which allows for easy bending, cutting, splicing and other processing. Various shapes of refractory Board can be made according to customer requirements, greatly improving the flexibility and plasticity of the production process.

Product features

1. Good high-temperature resistance: The Postforming HPL has excellent high-temperature resistance, performs well in high-temperature environments, can be used for a long time, and can withstand high temperatures up to 2000 ℃.

2. Good insulation performance: The curved refractory board has good insulation performance, which can effectively protect personnel and equipment in high-temperature environments.

3. Lightweight and flexible: Postforming HPL are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to process and install. They can be made into furniture products with different curves according to needs, such as bent chairs, cabinet curved countertop, etc.

4. Postforming HPL is a very excellent refractory material with a series of excellent properties and characteristics, widely used in various fields, and has made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of the industry.


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